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The Rent-A-Brain
Dot Com

"The human being is also more than his or her intellectual powers. Perhaps more crucial than intelligence in the human firmament are motivation, personality, emotions, and will. If we are ever to obtain a comprehensive and fully integrated picture of human beings, we need to meld our insights about cognition with comparable insights in respect to these other aspects of the human being. Perhaps, indeed, a different view of human nature will result from this activity of synthesis."
    -- Howard Gardner, Intelligence in Seven Steps, 1991

"What would you do with a brain if you had one?"
    -- Dorothy Gale, 1939

spanning pretty much anything you can use a computer for, but particularly:

Custom programming
 VB/VBA, HTML, SQL, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Access, ACOS, Logo, more
Document generation
 Word, Excel, Access, PageMaker, Acrobat, etc
 Purchase, setup, takedown, reconfigure, troubleshoot
 Copywriting, lyric writing, editing, fact checking, grammar/spelling/mechanics
Multimedia editing and production
 Audio! Video! Cheerio! It's all delicious.
 Pitch accuracy, detailed editing, custom composition, digital studio facility
 Not just computers! Telephone systems, wiring, a/v, even auto and plumbing
And More